a "for women" movement

The Lieu is a modern and accessible feminine-care solution for women, aiming to bring curated beauty and wellness products to restrooms within offices and workspaces. The company was founded by serial entrepreneur, Rebecca Lima, whose background in operational engineering and passion to break barriers for women fueled her to develop The Lieu with practicality and accessibility at the forefront. This “for women” movement, enables workplaces to enhance overall culture and mental wellness for their female employees, members and guests.


We understand the struggle. Too many products, a million places to be and not enough time or space to do it all. We’ve had enough, haven’t you? We’re putting women’s needs at the forefront to create more space for self-care on a daily basis and accommodate our, increasingly, busy lives. The days of the bag lady are over - we have your self-care necessities covered beyond the local women’s club and think it’s about time someone else walks the extra mile. That’s right, ladies, we’re here for YOU and it’s as easy as a trip to The Lieu.

we believe...

Women deserve more space to feel secure and empowered in their everyday lives. We want women to know that we hear you - we understand your frustrations and how much effort goes into meeting your basic self-care needs.


In a healthier workforce and culture surrounding places of connectivity. We want to enable workplaces to attract and retain an empowered, educated community of women, as well as reduce burnout and turnover rates by providing convenience and accessibility to self-care necessities.

There is a huge disconnect between women and brands. We want to serve as a medium for brands to connect directly with their target demographics and gather a unique understanding of their needs, while giving women a platform to voice them.

In creating a more connected, informed and empowered community of women, the brands they love and the places they spend their days in. We are The Lieu and we’re here to break barriers.

our team

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Rebecca Lima Barrett

CEO & Co-Founder

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“I believe every woman should have access to high quality personal care products and I'm committed to see it through.”


Domonique Sims

COO & Co-Founder

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“At the end of the day... I am our customer. My shoulders feel the pain of years of being a bag lady. I'm over it."